How you are as a parent does play a very important role in forming the personality of your child as she/he goes into adulthood.

Do you pride yourself as one of those new age parents, indulgent yet strict as per the needs of the situation? Do you worry endlessly and even stay up till your kid gets home from a night out with friends? Are you constantly going through your child’s belongings – cupboard, books, online profile, SMSs, etc? Do you always tell your child what to do and what not to just to ‘keep them safe’?

All parents have their own style of parenting – their way of bringing up their children. The Times of India talks about many parenting styles that are prevalent, popular and pervasive. Here they are:

Spare the rod, spare the child

Nothing shows the generation gap more starkly than the evolution of parenting. If parents from previous generations believed in the scare-and-inspire (read, beat and teach) technique, today’s Yummy Mummies follow an MCQ (multiple choice questions for every task) format of parenting. Their days begin with the query, ‘What would you like for breakfast?’ and ends with ‘Would you like a nightcap?’

Today’s parents rarely bark out diktats such as “eat your eggs right now” or “finish that entire glass of milk,” or “I will cane you if you don’t finish studying all the chapters”. Clearly, children, and not parents, are the revered bunch these days…

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Break the rod and spare your child

City experts do not approve of the latest international research on spanking, demand deeper analysis

Doubts are being expressed over the latest research by experts at the New Hampshire University stating that children who are smacked by their parents are less intelligent.

Psychiatrists in the city believe that the study has a deeper meaning that what is being conveyed through the words ‘lower intelligence’.

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Helicopter parenting affects student’s development

College students with over controlling parents are more likely to be depressed and less satisfied with their lives, a new study has revealed.

This so-called helicopter parenting style negatively affects students’ well-being by violating their need to feel both autonomous and competent.

Parental over involvement may lead to negative outcomes in children, including higher levels of depression and anxiety.

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What’s your style of parenting?

According to Bela Raja, child guidance counsellor, one’s parenting style, if negative, can have an adverse effect on the psyche of the child even to the point of causing damage. “A good style of parenting is one where parents respect the needs and emotions of their child as much as the child respects the parents. It’s also important for parents to encourage the development of the child’s self-esteem. They need to teach him/her to feel good about themselves. Moreover, no matter how silly or insignificant it may seem, a child’s concerns have to be addressed, even if it’s just the fear of entering a room alone,” she says.

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Helicopter parenting makes collegians dependent & depressed

Helicopter parenting could trigger depression among college-going students, says a new study.

A study, which appeared in the recent edition of the Journal of Child and Family Studies, showed that college students with over-controlling parents were less likely to feel independent and hence could be more prone to depression.

Most worrying, the paper noted that helicopter or hyper-parenting is on the rise.

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Poor parenting making Indians rude

If Indians are growing increasingly rude, it’s got to do with poor parenting

Are young Indians today ruder than they were 10 years ago? You are going to find most senior citizens nod at that one. Not to mention that celebrities aren’t helping correct the image.

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